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Members represent all aspects of the European oil spill response and clean-up industry including not only the leading providers of manufacturing technology, responder services and consultancies, but also the smaller companies, organisations and individuals concerned with the effects of oil spill and related marine pollution, including plastics.


The Eurospill concept was founded by UKSpill at Interspill 2004 in Norway, with support from NOSCA and SYCOPOL from France. This group of trade associations has been joined by SRGH from Holland, as the expanded Interspill Group of trade associations, in promoting Interspill as the European oil spill industry event. Starting with Interspill 2006 in London, May 2009 in Marseille, France, in London in March 2012 and 2018, and Amsterdam in 2015, and now planning Interspill Amsterdam in March 2021.


In the UK, Norway, Netherlands and France, oil spill industry trade associations already promote the industry, provide information and links with government. Eurospill is intended to provide a web based network across ALL European countries to enable companies in each country to be connected with European industry, notwithstanding how many or few companies exist in each country.

By creating a group in each European country, individual companies engaged in oil spill and related activities can benefit from being promoted on the Eurospill country website, can form a local committee, and organise meetings, with links to local governments and agencies, and can also be part of the European industry, with a voice at both local and European level.

Formation of an industry group in each country will also enable development of related activities eg accreditation schemes for oil spill contractors/responders.


The Eurospill Association is the trading name for Eurospill Ltd., a company registered in the UK.

Eurospill events have been held at Istanbul in 2011 and also at Interspill events, with Spill Industry Seminars.

Membership of Eurospill is offered to companies on completing registration on the Eurospill website, and payment of an annual membership fee of Euro 500. This fee will be reviewed regularly, and pays for the costs of setting up and maintaining the website, administration charges, and to support costs of events organised for members. Paid up members of UKSpill, NOSCA, SYCOPOL, SRGH will not be required to pay a fee to register as members of a Eurospill country group.


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