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Association Rules (To Be Approved AGM 2008)

  1. Eurospill Ltd is the legal owner of the trade association known as the Eurospill Association, (Eurospill). Eurospill Ltd is a not for profit company, where members of Eurospill may also be shareholders.
  2. The Association is operated by a Management Committee comprised of two Directors of Eurospill Ltd.. The two Directors shall be the current Chairman and the Administrative Director. This Committee will meet regularly to conduct the day to day business of the Association, and report to the Board of Eurospill Ltd., who will approve its conduct.
  3. The Board of Eurospill Ltd will include up to 6 members, with three representatives from the Spill Responder group, one from the Manufacturers group, one from the Consultants group and the Administrative Director. The Board will be elected from the Council membership. The Board will meet annually at the Eurospill Convention. A quorum will be 3 members and the Administrative Director, all decisions will be on a majority vote with the Chairman having a casting vote in the event of a tie. A Chairman and Vice Chairman will be elected by the membership from the Board of Eurospill Ltd.. Both will hold office for a period of 2 years. The Vice Chairman will in the absence of the Chairman, chair meetings of the Board and the Association.
  4. The Board will appoint an Administrative Director to manage the Association, who will represent the administrative contractor.
  5. EUROSPILL COUNCIL - Each country will nominate a representative to sit on a Council, which will meet annually, and vote on behalf of that country in any motions that may be raised. Members of the Council will elect members to sit on the Board of Eurospill Ltd..
  6. Membership Categories - Membership of the Association is only valid on payment of Annual Fees for the current membership year, beginning on January 1st of each year. Members must have a registered office or address within the European Community.
6.1 Membership of Eurospill gives full voting rights and full access to all facilities and benefits offered by Eurospill, and members will pay varying fees set annually. Members will be offered public listing on the association website and full promotion of the company within any directory and in any other place by Eurospill. Membership does not imply any qualification or accreditation of the company, nor does it provide any accreditation on individuals or their business.
6.2 Termination of Membership of the Association will apply to members who, after 6 months from the beginning of the membership year, have failed to pay the fees. The Association reserves the right to refuse application for membership, or decline to renew membership, with approval of the Board for such action. Any member acting in conflict with the interests of the Association, to be interpreted by the Board as bringing the Association into disrepute, to act in competition with, or in anyway cause damage to the interests of the Association, will be removed from membership, and refunded membership fees pro rata for the balance of the membership year.
6.3 Member Meetings - The Association will meet approximately annually, and each country group may arrange local meetings at regular intervals. 
7.0 Rules - The Rules of the Association as proposed by the Board of Eurospill Ltd., may be amended by a majority vote at the Annual meeting, provided any change is proposed by and seconded by Full members of the Association at the AGM.

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