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Mr Mikael Rydberg
PO BOX 125


T: +4733034825
F: +4733034826
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NORWEGIAN OIL SPILL INDUSTRY TRADE ASSOCIATION NOSCA - the Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association - was established in 1993 to satisfy a common need within the industry, the oil companies and public institutions to join forces and resources in order to improve the overall knowledge base of oil spill prevention and response. The need for a joint international promotion of the Norwegian oil spill technology and products was certainly also of importance to NOSCA's members representing the industry. NOSCA with its over 30 active members has achieved international respect as an active player in R&D, oil spill prevention and response. NOSCA is one of the three founding organizations of INTERSPILL in Europe and we also support and contribute to the successes of IOSC in the US and SPILLCON in Australia. Norway is one of the few countries that has the privilege to benefit from full scale, offshore oil-on-water exercises organized annually by NOFO (Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies). This gives NOSCA's members a unique knowledge base for testing, understanding and improving their products and oil spill preparedness in general.

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Accidental discharges are the nightmare of the oil industry. To the vulnerable marine environment, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as even a few lost hours in response time could mean the difference between a minor mishap or a major disaster. Founded in 1993, NOSCA � the Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association � is a non-profit cooperative of companies, R&D institutions and government pollution control authority the Norwegian Coastal Administration, established to develop equipment and contingency planning for oil spill emergencies. NOSCA members join forces to share their environmental technologies worldwide, assisting other nations, port authorities and private companies to build an effective contingency infrastructure for oil spill prevention and recovery. International Cooperation Nosca's efforts to share its collective environmental knowledge with other countries in the world have resulted in a comprehensive network of experts and recourses. Nosca has also played a key role in the European version of the biannual International Oil Spill Conference and Exhibition held in the USA. NOSCA in co-operation with SYCOPOL and BOSCA has established Interspill, and the first conference and exhibition took place in Brighton/England in 2000. Brest/France was the arena in 2002, Norway/Trondheim in 2004 and the arena for the 2006 Interspill was London/England. In 2009 Interspill will take place in Marseille, France. For more information see

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